Managed Services & Support

Our managed services and support helpdesk are top class. We aim to ensure that all you need to focus on is optimizing your business processes and managing your privacy. We take care of the rest.

  • Managed services that ensure your environments operate at a consistently high performance

  • Fully accredited and continuous security monitoring that mitigate internal and external threats to your data

  • Remote helpdesk services providing expert technical and operational support

Managed Services

NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD services are fully managed and monitored by an expert team. You can be assured that your data and applications are continuously available, backed up, protected in the case of a disaster, resilient and optimised. We are focused on delivering the ideal environment for you to extract maximum value from your business.


NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD service is a fully managed offering that extends monitoring into the client’s domain. Using a combination of monitoring and alerting technologies, we can ensure the high performance of your entire environment.


NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD monitors its entire network on a real-time basis, ensuring its continuous uptime. By intelligently managing the loads across the various facilities or cloud services within clients’ infrastructures, NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD can ensure your data and applications are consistently available to you.

Endpoint Management

Part of NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD monitoring service ensures that every endpoint on our clients’ network is managed from both a security and performance perspective.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery service is based on a specifically designed variant of market-leading technologies that makes it compatible with on-premises, hosted or other cloud services. NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD offers a variety of enterprise-class replication and protection services around the technology.


NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD offers a fully managed data back-up service available as part of a cloud deployment or independently, including constant monitoring, proactive reporting, de-duplication, flexible RTOs and RPOs and remote assistance.