Product Management

Bring new products and service improvements to your customers continually, better respond to their needs, try new things and get feedback faster, empowering your teams to delight users and innovate – while retaining control over the costs and return on investment

Product development is an ongoing process, and a major part of the work lies after its deployment in the market. Product managers have to monitor those products closely and get regular feedbacks. Then incorporate those comments in the next version of the product so that it improves the quality of the product and keeps the product up to date on the market.

It is evident that support and maintenance are part and parcel of the product management process. A product becomes incompetent in the market without being updated. NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD Product Maintenance and Support services upgrade your product on a regular basis and ensure that you sustain success by delighting your existing customers.

Our product management framework focuses on product fault rectification, post-development support for the current product, product enhancement & upgrade, product software updates, and product refactoring. We help in remodeling the existing version, thereby reducing the cost involved in maintaining the old variant of the product.

What we offer:

Product refactoring

  • Code optimization

  • Performance tuning

Product support and fault rectification

  • L1, L2, L3 support

  • Bug fixing

  • Regular monitoring

Product enhancement & upgrade

  • Customization

  • Content migration

  • Efficiency enhancement

Product software update

  • Server update

  • Software upgradation

  • Platform migration

How are we different:

• NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD provides comprehensive product support, thus retaining its performance to the level of customer expectation

• We provide quality support for your existing older versions at a cost that fits within your budget

• Our experts can help you with performance tuning, without affecting the existing customer base