Transition Your IT to the Cloud

Helping you gather and analyse data accurately to make better business decisions

We understand that organisations are dealing with tough and increasingly unpredictable economic conditions. In this climate, we know preserving positive cash flow, reducing risk and simply keeping up with the rate of business change has become much more difficult.

If you’re facing these challenges, our focused Business Intelligence (BI) tools can offer you enormous value. With the right tools, you can get accurate insight into your business performance and model any potential business changes before you make them. This takes the guesswork out of your business development activities, which can protect valuable cash reserves and lower your risk.

For every organisation, having data at decision makers, managers and even front-line staff fingertips which they can slice-and-dice on the fly is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. BI enables data-based decision making across your organisation, accessed from traditional dashboards, laptops, tables or mobile devices. With powerful capabilities to integrate information, including gold-standard datasets, operational systems data, and local proprietary data (including spreadsheets on your desktop) in a way which ensures the integrity of your core systems, BI needs to be part of your corporate data strategy.

BI is phenomenally easy to use, but needs to be implemented with best practice to ensure you get the most from your data. NEW STILE EVOLUTION LTD long experience and expertise can mean the difference between an implementation which never gains widespread adoption, and a complete success.

Key features:

  • Reduce costs with better expense management

  • Reduce risks by spotting trends and issues at a glance

  • Gain visibility into transactions with easy access to dashboards

  • Meet regulatory compliances

  • Discover and make the most of new business opportunities

  • Maximise investment returns and portfolio performance